Written by Georg Ecker, AutRC WASH Advisor

Between October 10 and 14 the AutRC, together with the URCS has held a ToT training in Fort Portal/Uganda. This ToT is part of a series of emergency WASH trainings held in Fort Portal for URCS and Local Authorities staff and volunteers from 5 different districts. The series of WASH trainings are funded through the ECHO HIP 2022. The trained trainers will then multiply the acquired WASH skills in their respective provinces applying state of the art trainer skills. Those skills are highly needed to cover the WASH needs around the URCS Population Movement Operation in the South-West of Uganda.

Image showing Sylvester Bett, AutRC Regional WASH delegate with URCS volunteers and staff
Image showing Grace Kyagaba, URCS WASH Advisor, with a URCS staff member
Image showing Georg Ecker, AutRC WASH Advisor, with Juliet Aliobe, consultant
Image showing roleplay during the ECHO HIP WASH ToT Training