Ideate, innovate & create - The 2nd cycle ideation bootcamp in Uganda

Written by Temesgen Geremew

From August 30 - September 3 I was invited to join the ideation and project creation bootcamp Austrian Red Cross hosted in partnership with Uganda Red Cross. The bootcamp was held in collaboration with SINA Social Innovation Academy in Mpigi, Uganda, where individuals and enterprises are mentored to come up with a solution that fits a … >>> Read more
Ideate, innovate & create - The 2nd cycle ideation bootcamp in Uganda


First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in our midterm survey and everyone who gave us feedback in other ways. We appreciate your input at any time and plan our adjustments accordingly.
What's to come:
  • Proactive sharing of learnings from the micro projects as the 1st cycle comes to an end
  • Answer all your questions, such as the impact of COVID-19 on the projects, the implementors' perspectives, etc.
  • More opportunities for (virtual) interactive networking events and experience exchange with peers, much like our speed dating events of the past
Jennifer ToC
Training participants and team
Remember earlier this year, when we shared our experiences from the ToC Workshop with URCS with you?
URCS now created this amazing video which will give you even more insights and the bonus of a virtual field visit to the micro project implemented by Lira Branch.
Placidia Vavirai (WASH Delegate Swiss RC) interviews Marij Zwart (WASH Adviser Netherlands RC) who chose to talk about faecal sludge and sanitation. Marij thinks the potential faecal sludge management offers is often overlooked. Which positive aspects does Marij see in FSM? Find out in the video and share your thoughts in the comments.
How does a music festival and a Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies Training go together?
The AutRC eWASH training centre tried it for you and gladly shares this interesting experience with you in this short summary.


  • The new IFRC PGI in WASH guidance note is now also available in Arabic, French and Spanish. Philippine RC already took it a step further and contextualized it to incorporate it in their WASH strategy. Skybird WASH Network members from outside the RCRC Movement are also very welcome to take a look at it, make use of it and share any feedback you might have.
  • How do you go from piloting an innovation to a scale-up in a structured way? Elrha wrote about their experience with scale-up strategies in this article.
  • Save the date and join this year's planet:red summit which highlights the power of many with virtual sessions on climate change, the pandemic and local action.
  • The Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (dccd) developed this Quick Guide: Towards Disability Inclusive Humanitarian Action. It shows you the most important things you need to know plus practical tools and resources to take the right steps in just 8 pages.

A Cartoon for the road

As seen on the World Bank Water Cartoon Calendar, 2018
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