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Learning Series: URCS Moroto Branch - What a tremendous change we saw!!

Written by Elijah Muhindo, Skybird micro project manager at URCS Moroto Branch

Take a moment to think about a community that lives with cultural norms and values such as: a heap of feaces is a noble sign of food production in a home, if a pregnant woman visits a latrine she will lose her baby, a child must not mix …

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Man in red cross branded vest standing infront of a pit latrine and bath shelter covered with sticks; house and green landscape in the background
CASH Confessions (2)

Skybird WASH Network Online Event

Join us on December 9, 9-10 am CET, for an interactive event on CVA and market-based approaches in WASH.
We will hear inputs from Debora Bonucci as representative for the Cash & WASH technical working group, Fredrick Orimba who conducted the practical pre-crisis market analysis training under the Skybird Programme for Kenya Red Cross and Dennis Owano as representative from the CALP Network.
Register now and share with interested colleagues.
2 men standing close to the camera with their backs to the photo. Photo shows a construction site and green landscape as well as 4 other men talking right at the construction site and one person standing inside the construction site.
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REDpreneur, a Business Skills and Enterprise Development Program to support innovative impact-driven ventures in the health and care sector, had its closing Workshop in Vienna last week. During a hybrid closing event, participating venture teams were invited...
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The AutRC WASH Service Center continues its Human Waste Management Strategy with the following two flagship projects.
In Imvepi/Bidibidi, Africa’s largest refugee camp, the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) together with the AutRC has started a Waste Management Center with the components...
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Due to a national lockdown in Austria, the ERU WASH specialisation training on Environmental Sanitation in Emergencies had to be postponed. The new date is January 21-23. All updates on the trainings can be found in the training program.


  • Last month's blog post on the practical pre-crisis market analysis training by the Skybird micro project team at KRCS has been updated to show the market maps created during the training.
  • In partnership with the Stanford Social Innovation Review and the Climate Centre, RED Social Innovation is inviting you to a new '45 minutes' event to discover impact-proven solutions to mitigate our CO2 emissions. Register now to book your seat.
  • The GATE Program launched a new FREE online course on "Menstruation in a Global Context: Addressing Policy and Practice". Besides 24 global speakers, IFRC has been invited to share the RCRC experience as well.
  • CVA and market-based programming in WASH and other sectors is an interesting theme that is on the rise, also within the AutRC. This report by Group URD addresses the Environmental Impact of Cash and Voucher Assistance and encourages considerations for climate and environment when implementing this approach.

Skybirds infront of the curtain: Placide Mutangana

My name is Mutangana Placide, I'm 31 years old and I'm a father of one. I'm a water and environmental engineer by profession. Before joining Rwanda Red Cross in 2017, I have been working in the engineering department for different local private companies and local NGOs mostly for the development and implementation of water and sanitation projects, especially in rural …

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Skybirds infront of the curtain: Placide Mutangana
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