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Dear subscriber,

first of all we want to thank you for continously supporting the Skybird Programme, its micro-projects as well as the Skybird WASH Network.

Since we are already reaching half-time with the Programme, we are currently in the process of assessing our progress through our midterm review. This is why I am reaching out to you because we need your help in measuring our impact with the Skybird WASH Network.

To assess the impact of the Skybird WASH Network, we created this survey. We are aware that it is always difficult to find time for surveys during busy days but we would really appreciate your help.
Filling in the survey also has the bonus for you to tell us what you wish the Skybird WASH Network would do moving forward. Afterall, we want the Network to be useful to you.
Thank you for your time and effort!

The Skybird WASH Network Team
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