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Briquette Making - Challenges and Opportunities in Gulu City

Gulu City is situated in the northern part of Uganda, with an estimated population of 1.2 million. The northern region was embroiled in instability for over 20years (from the late 1980s to 2000). The region was affected economically, socially and security wise. During the 20years of insurgence, there was very limited or no development at all in the region. All government programs

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Briquette Making - Challenges and Opportunities in Gulu City

Stacey Nyandiko, Sales Engineer - East Africa at Xylem Water Solutions invited Sylvia Nyaga, founder of Syna Consultancy Ltd., for this interview. Sylvia chose to talk about accessible toilets, a topic we all need to have a conversation about as Sylvia says. The need for inclusive designs is rising as there are about 1bn people world wide with some form of a disability and the number is increasing. Also learn what Sylvia would bring back to us if she could travel to the future.

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As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the AutRC is heavily involved in the emergency response efforts in Ukraine.
We asked 2 delegates who recently came back from their missions to tell us a bit more about their work in the country.
Additionally, Florian Haas shares an update on WASH support for field hospitals at Canadian Red Cross.

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Do you struggle with making your WASH surveys more PGI relevant? Despair not! This video and document can help you in collecting sex, age & disability disaggregated data, so that you can better navigate the complexities of PGI in WASH. You can find more on PGI and WASH on the WatSan Mission Assistant, including a new Swahili version. Also check out this new manual on inclusive emergency WASH facilities by ARUP, Lebanese & British RC. If you want to try the manual or have more ideas on it, please contact IFRC WASH.


  • Submit your expression of interest for the upcoming training on Operational Readiness for Major Disease Outbreak Response
  • Check out this tool called the WASH-GEM, the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Gender Equality Measure. This website provides introductions and guidance on the tool.
  • The 32nd SuSanA Meeting is taking place on 22 August in a virtual, interactive format. More information will soon be published on the website.
  • Have you heard of the Nano Membrane Toilet, developed by the Cranfield University?

Skybird on Menstrual Hygiene Day

Eventhough MH Day is already over, Menstrual Hygiene Management remains an ever important topic. Therefore we want to showcase a collection of activities conducted in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda in honor of MH Day:

Activities by Ethiopia Red Cross Society (ERCS) Addis Ababa Branch Issues related to menstruation, especially in schools, are related to a lack of perceptions, a lack of WASH facilities and items, privacy and space, awareness and education, limited access to…

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Skybird on Menstrual Hygiene Day
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