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Solarization of Water Supply in Kayssa Town, Ethiopia

Written by Tilahun Bishaw, Branch Head at South Omo Branch and Baherwessen Weldaregay, Skybird Micro Project Coordinator for South Omo Branch

Kayssa Town is one of the Kebeles of Baka -Dawela Ari District, and also the capital town of the district. The town has a total population of 6148 (2,223 male and 3,925 female). Agriculture and cattle breeding is the …

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Image showing solar pannels on a field with a small house in the background
Austrian Red Cross
CEA Fact Sheet

Sylvia Nyaga, founder of Syna Consultancy Ltd., invited Troy Akinyi, Project Support and Maintenance Engineer at Ecocycle Ltd., for this interview. Troy chose to talk about waste water recycling as she believes waste water is not often discussed in regards to recycling. At the time that we have water shortage people could recycle waste water and replenish groundwater.

Sylvia also asks what Troy would do if she had a magic power to change the way we work with our waste water and what her reaction would be if aliens show up on earth and asks her to come with them. Watch until the end to find out.

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AutRC WASH team update

The last months saw an increase in WASH activities of AutRC and its partners, both in emergencies as well as long-term operations. As a consequence, our different delegations have been strengthened with a number of competent WASH staff:

Mohammad Khaldon Altawil is our new WASH delegate based in Yumbe, Uganda. Khaldon has been involved with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent as a Relief and WASH volunteer & WASH engineer.

Ashenafi Abreham supports the Ethiopia team with WASH activities and he will also facilitate the Skybird Network.

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IFRC published new Community Engagement and Accountability fact sheets in English, Spanish, Arabic and French.
Find all versions now on the WatSan Missionassistant.


  • The Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN) invites you to a webinar on The Sanitation Challenge in Africa. It takes place on October 13, click the link to register now.
  • The Global WASH Cluster Hygiene Promotion TWG has a page where you can view the recordings of their webinars, e.g. on Incontinence in Humanitarian Settings, Mental Health & Hygiene and more.
  • Here is a USAID brief about climate-resilient WASH.
  • October 15 is Global Handwashing Day dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Skybirds infront of the curtain: Ashenafi Abreham

My name is Ashenafi Abreham. I did my masters (MSc) in Water and Waste Engineering at Loughborough University Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) in the UK. The program focused on designing and choosing appropriate water supply, sanitation options and hygiene practices. It also provided insights into project planning, design, execution and evaluation.

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