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URCS Kampala South Branch Skybird Micro Project

Written by Maureen Nabuduwa, Branch Manager at URCS Kampala South

URCS Kampala South branch is implementing a Skybird micro project in Makindye East Constituency. Makindye East hosts the biggest number of informal settlements in Kampala with an estimated population of 409,500 people. A large number of the population lives in the slum dwellers in abject poverty caused mostly due to the high unemeployemnt levels. Informal areas are characterised by people who fed on one meal a day, abuse of drugs and alcohol, prostitution, idlers, poor hygien and sanitation which has led to outbreak of diseases like cholera, typhoid, and malaria among others.

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Toilet emptying

Ethiopia Harar Town Skybird Project - Integrated WASH Response

Written by Anteneh Mengiste, ERCS Harar Branch and Ashenafi Abreham, AutRC

Harar town in Ethiopia is getting water from 3 ground water sources which lie outside of the regional boundary of the target area. This causes administrative and social challenges for the town’s water supply. Additionally, around 12% of the population practice …

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Fig. 5

Canadian and Austrian RC

The Canadian RC approached Austrian RC beginning of 2022 to support them with the restructuring of WASH hardware for the health ERUs. The Project started with a benchmark of WASH equipment in the movement and a needs analysis. At first, we only concentrated on the water side, but we soon added sanitation equipment as well. Canadian RC has deployed a …

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AutRC Training in Litzlberg, Austria

The training has been held between Nov. 18th and 20th in wonderful Litzlberg at the lake Attersee in Austria. We had 16 participants from the Austrian, the German, the Norwegian and the Swedish RC.. The overall Aim of this training is to make WASH ERU delegates understand the roles, responsibilities, and connections of an …

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IFRC Team in Pakistan

In late summer 2022, Pakistan experienced abnormal monsoon rainfall nearly three times higher than the past 30-year average, resulting in uncontrollable urban and flash floods, and landslides across the country. Subsequently, more than 5.7 million people have been affected by the floods. IFRC deployed 2 persons as part of M15 to support PRCS with the …

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  • International Water Association is hosting a webinar on Dec 7, 2022 12:00 PM (London time), titled “Emerging disinfection technologies for water and wastewater treatment”. Target Audience: Water professionals from academia, industry, water utilities, and administration agencies, with special attention towards Young Water Professionals. You can sign up for this webinar here.
  • UNICEF Ethiopia is hiring a WASH Officer in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Deadline December 6.

Support for IDPs in Transcarpathia

Written by Athénaïs Langendorf, WASH volunteer from the Lower Austrian branch

My name is Athenais Langendorf and I’m a WASH volunteer from the Lower Austrian branch. The first time I was deployed to the city Uzhhorod in Transcarpathia for five weeks in June and again for two months in September and October. My main task was to assess Collective Centres …

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