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How to host a virtual Design Thinking workshop for 6 different countries during a pandemic

Written by Priyanka Patel, Innovations Officer at Kenya Red Cross Society

Design, a word that is always associated with the imagination of a pen or a drawing, and artistic piece. In the world of innovation, we design to apply creativity, imagination, hidden leadership skills into thinking of a solution that can change the face of a pressing challenge. Design thinking …

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We are very proud and happy to announce the relaunch of the Skybird Website. The new website is more userfriendly and (hopefully) more intuitive to use.
You can now also find all information about the new cycle 2 micro projects ( which will be implemented under the Skybird Programme this year.
If there is any feedback from your side regarding the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us under
Nicole Klaesener-Metzner (WASH Specialist at UNICEF Regional Office South Asia) is talking to Sarah Hennessy (Implementation & Servicing Manager at Triangle Environmental Health Initiative) about the importance of networking in the WASH sector, particularly for women. Sarah is also involved in the Women in Water and Sanitation Nework (WWSN) and landed her first 2 jobs through her network. Also find the WWSN on LinkedIn and Twitter and feel free to sign up and follow.

Nicole also asks about the best advice Sarah ever got and how Sarah would use magical powers. Watch until the end to find out.

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With two teams on the ground, AutRC is investing in the WASH emergency response in Ukraine to cover urgently needed WASH activities for IDPs in the West, focusing on the needs in shelters. Joint assessments of shelters are currently ongoing. The teams aim to identify the best support to ensure the general well-being of both IDPs and host communities. According to the needs identified, the procurement of hardware-needs and required small repair work will be conducted as quickly as possible. Further response activities will be developed and implemented together with partners according to the assessment results.
We will share more detailed updates in the upcoming newsletters.


  • The Cash and WASH Technical Working Group conducted an online webinar to give an updat about its activities. Following the registration of 247 persons, a total of 90 persons were able to join one of the webinars. The overall objective of this webinar was to raise interest on cash for WASH outcomes and increase the membership of this TWG to more National Societies worldwide through :
    • Presentation of the achievements of the TWG in 2021
    • Presentation of the workstreams identified in the roadmap development for 2022-24
    • Explanation of the new internal organization of the TWG and how to join the TWG
    You can find more details, the recording as well as the presentation from this webinar on the Cash & WASH TWG website.
  • Take a look at the RWSN early webinar series covering a wide range of topics related to rural water supply.
  • Devex hosts an interesting Podcast called WASH Works, where they cover a variety of topics related to WASH, such as education, health, climate change and peace.

Skybirds infront of the curtain: Aman Arareso

My name is Aman Ararso, I’m 35 years old and I'm married. I’m a Social Worker by profession (Post-graduate  in Development Management) with a background in Sociology and Social Anthropology. Before joining ERCS-West Arsi Zone branch in 2019, I was working in different other local NGOs which were working on the development of economies and social issues including WASH programmes …

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