Regional Skybird Micro-Projects

We are excited to announce that also the regional Skybird micro-projects received their final approval and will start implementation soon.
These projects will be implemented on HQ level and include the following:
  • ERCS: Enhancing Sanitation and Hygiene promotion by empowering women (ESHPEW) in Addis Ababa
  • KRCS: CTP: WASH Market Assessment and analysis, digitalisation and CEA in Baringo county
  • RRCS: Integrated food security and WASH in schools in Nyamasheke district, Kirimbi sector
  • URCS: Urban WASH for improved living conditions in Gulu municipality, Uganda
Congratulations to the winners!
More information on the projects and their progress will be published on the Skybird website soon.

2020 Network Reflections

2020 was our first year with the Skybird WASH Network. We always like to improve and make being a Network member a valuable and interesting experience for you. Please help us with your feedback in this short end-of-year survey. It only takes 2.

>>> Take part in the survey
Good bye 2020 image with 2 masks and a post it saying good bye 2020

What else?

Call for case studies from PGI in WASH - The IFRC collecting short case studies from Red Cross Red Crescent work on integrating protection, gender and inclusion considerations in WASH programming. These can include inspiring practices on increasing participation of marginalised groups in WASH, safe access to water in conflict situations, using WASH as an entry point for reducing the risk of violence, partnerships between WASH and local women's networks/disabled people's organizations, providing safe WASH services for people on the move etc. The examples can be from emergency context or long-term programming. Case studies can be sent to:

Here is a brilliant animation video on virus transmission from our RCCE colleagues at the IFRC in collaboration with Yoni Goodman. The film uses simple methods to make it easier for people to grasp how COVID-19 is transmitted while also teaching simple prevention practices.

The link between climate change and water is undeniable and already felt in many parts of the world. We are having a lot of great discussions internally on how to bring the issue of climate change more into our programmes. We would like to extend this discussion to you and hear from you. Is climate change a consideration in your programming? Did this change in recent years? Join the conversation here.
Some useful links:
As the Skybird WASH Network goes on a little break, we wish you all a happy festive season and a good start into the year 2021. We are looking forward to an exciting year with you all and hope you will join us again for upcoming discussions, project updates and events.
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