Confessions from the field - the Skybird Roll-Out from an Ethiopian Perspective

written by Gashaw Dagne

My name is Gashaw Dagne, Austrian Red Cross supported programs coordinator in Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Since August 2019. I first heard the information about the Skybird Programme when I was participating in the inception workshop conducted in the ERCS training centre. I was invited to join as a professional volunteer, from April 16 – 18, …

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Confessions from the field - the Skybird Roll-Out from an Ethiopian Perspective
White screen with "play" button, asking "what does water mean to you?"

How do you value water?

Water means different things to people, depending on who you ask. It can have economic, cultural, spirtual and/or social value.
We asked what water means to our colleagues in Ethiopia and Uganda this World Water Day to gather their perspectives and make their voices heard.

What we all agree on: Water is life.
What else our colleagues came up with? See for yourself.
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The Technical Working Group on CVA & WASH invites you to join their first webinar. The aim of the webinar is to introduce the topic of using Cash and Markets to give people choice and dignity in how they meet their WASH needs and how we can better support WASH Markets.

Jennifer Akumu (Uganda Red Cross) invited Florian Haas (Austrian Red Cross) for a chat about CLTS. Florian shares experiences from the field and how they took CLTS a step further to avoid a reversion to open defacation after project end.
Take 5 minutes to get to know your fellow WASH colleagues and watch the whole interview here.
Due to ongoing restrictions on in-person events and trainings, we are redesigning the specialization trainings this year (2021). The face-to-face training sessions will be reduced to Saturday and Sunday with arrival on Friday evening. We will hold the rest of the content web-based in various online sessions. Find the training program here.


  • As part of an emergency-WASH-capacity development project, Nepal Red Cross is conducting a “pre-crisis-market-assessment”PCMA – for certain WASH commodities in flood-prone areas in Nepal. This assessment will be guided by an external market assessment specialist and supported remotely by Austrian Red Cross, for developing the market-assessment skills of both organisations. We will keep you updated on the outcomes.
  • Save the date: Virtual Symposium on Menstrual Health and Hygiene in West and Central Africa from May 24 to 27. Register here for the event and/or submit your abstracts through this link.
  • Call for papers on Sanitation and Development: ADBI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), and the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) are seeking original empirical research papers on sanitation and development, to be presented by the authors during a workshop in Tokyo or online in October 2021.
  • RWSN invites women of all ages and young professionals under the age of 35 for their mentoring programme for the water sector. The mentoring programme is free of charge. Potential mentors are also welcome to reach out.
  • AutRC is currently looking for project staff for a project in the South Caucasus and within the next 2 weeks we are looking for a WASH Developer for the Faecal Sludge Field Laboratory Information-Management-System (both postings are in German).
    eawag department Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development is looking for 1-2 research assistants for a study in Nepal with enthusiasm for WASH.
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Hi Skybirds! I am Sylvester Bett, a WASH expert from Kenya, having worked in Government & the Kenya Red Cross for a period now spanning over 12 years. I hold an MSC in water & environmental management & a BSc in Civil engineering. I have joined the Austrian Red Cross as the Regional WASH delegate for East Africa and hope we shall work together to build WASH capacity and deliver the Red Cross WASH promise to the communities as well as innovate.
My absurd WASH moment: In Kilifi county (Kenya) we were undertaking CLTS and at the end of the trigger and follow up activities it was time for certification. Several villages raised claims and the day for a visit by the inspectors came, when the inspectors visited the 1st village they were met with fresh fecal matter in the middle of the road leading to the sanitation activities chairman. It was later claimed that a rival for the chairman position had planned it; I though “what a way to take on political fights”.
You can reach me for WASH-related questions and exchanges under
twitter linkedin