A How To Guide to Comic Reporting for improved Community Engagement and Accountability

written by Alexander Oeze

One new key theme in the RC movement is CEA (community engagement and accountability). However, very often, in assessments, evaluations, monitoring missions, etc. we descend into communities like aliens, and very rarely do those communities receive feedback about the results of all those interviews, household visits, etc. So I thought it would be good to …

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Screenshot of a comic report from Nepal
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ToC Workshop with URCS

Last month we presented you with our AutRC ToC and this month we are happy to announce that, in collaboration with our colleagues from Netherlands Red Cross, we held a hybrid virtual and in-person Theory of Change Workshop at with the URCS WASH Team at Lira Branch. The Skybird team is looking to replicate this process in Ethiopia and to explore ways of utilizing the same approach in a broader way in the future. We are working on a blog post to share our learnings with you soon.
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Ewinur Machdar (IFRC CCST) is talking to Tanoy Dewan (iDE, Water Market Systems Technical Specialist) about solar-based water supply systems in humanitarian settings. Ewinur and Tanoy also tackle the important question of what to wear when working from home. Find all the answers here.
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WASH Events
We updated the event calendar on our website with the latest WASH related conferences and online events.
Make sure to regularly check for updates.
Feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to advertise your events in our calendar too.


  • Join the MHM Webinar hosted by the IFRC on May 28 10:00 AM CEST to hear more about how RCRC National Societies around the world together with the IFRC are contributing to Menstrual Hygiene Management action.
  • You can watch previous MHM webinar sessions by visiting our RCRC Menstrual Hygiene Management Experiences playlist. Follow the playlist to access latest related resources.
  • Period poverty is on the rise in Lebanon, where a growing economic crisis causes women and girls to struggle with managing their periods safely. The Lebanese Red Cross will share their experiences also in the webinar mentioned above.
  • We encourage you to join the WASH United Menstrual Hydiene Day Campaign through your own social media channels.
  • Download the Pelgrave Handbook of Critical Menstruation Studies for free here.

Meet the Branch: Iganga Branch

Iganga branch is one of the 5 branches who are implementing micro projects within the Skybird Program. This article provides a short overview of the branch and its experience in
implementing WASH projects>>>Read more
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