Learnings and Updates

We believe that we learn as much from best practices as we learn from things that unintentionally went wrong. A part of the Skybird Programme is to actively share our learnings with the wider WASH community so we can mutally learn and exchange our experiences to inform future projects. In this section you will find our learnings as well as updates concerning the Skybird Programme and its Micro-Projects.

URCS /AutRC Solarization of the WASH Kit 5

URCS /AutRC Solarization of the WASH Kit 5

Written by Georg Ecker, AutRC WASH Advisor Funded under the URCS ECHO HIP 2022, the URCS together with the AutRC have 100% solarized a WASH Kit 5. In a previous attempt the Kit 5 had successfully been re-designed from sand/carbon filters to M40 batch treatment...

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