The last months saw an increase in WASH activities of AutRC and its partners, both in emergencies as well as long-term operations. As a consequence, our different delegations have been strengthened with a number of competent WASH staff:

Mohammad Khadlon Altawil is our new WASH delegate based in Yumbe, Uganda. Khaldon has been involved with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent as a Relief and WASH volunteer & WASH engineer

Ashenafi Abreham supports the Ethiopia team with WASH activities and he will also facilitate the Skybird Network.

Clara Mohtar supports the MENA teams WASH projects in Lebanon, which currently focus on solarisation of school WASH and menstrual hygiene management. She previously worked on school WASH and wastewater treatment systems.

Athenais Langendorf and Marianne Pecnik are busy with the WASH & shelter support program in Ukraine.

Welcome to all.