Written by Georg Ecker, AutRC WASH Advisor

The training has been held between Nov. 18th and 20th in wonderful Litzlberg at the lake Attersee in Austria. We had 16 participants from the Austrian, the German, the Norwegian and the Swedish RC..

The overall Aim of this training is to make WASH ERU delegates understand the roles, responsibilities, and connections of an Emergency Response Unit (ERU) in an IFRC Disaster Response Operation, with the following Topics:

  • Roles, responsibilities, dependencies, and interactions between a deployed ERU and relevant stakeholders, such as sending National Society, Host National Society, other ERUs, other organisations and IFRC.
  • Basic IFRC admin, finance, and logs procedures relevant for an ERU.
  • Purposes and characteristics of different kinds of assessments.
  • Steps of a Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA).
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection methods commonly used in an RNA.
  • Roles and responsibilities of each ERU team as per ERU SOP’s.
  • ERU Plan of Action (PoA) in accordance with the overall Operational Strategy and the Implementation Plan.

We are confirmed that this training has a value beyond WASH and are currently in contact with IFRC to further develop the structure of WASH ERU deployments and possibly other sector ERUs, similar to the Operational Toolbox.