Written by Athénaïs Langendorf, WASH volunteer from the Lower Austrian branch

My name is Athenais Langendorf and I’m a WASH volunteer from the Lower Austrian branch. The first time I was deployed to the city Uzhhorod in Transcarpathia for five weeks in June and again for two months in September and October. My main task was to assess Collective Centres / Shelters and to buy and deliver much needed material like refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, etc. as basic equipment for these. Attention was also paid to CEA by gathering feedback from the IDP community. Of course, these activities were carried out together with the regional branch, which will take over these activities independently in the future. Winterisation was also a big issue for us. How can the Collective Centres be winterised, which NFIs are needed there and which repairs should be done urgently?

Additionally, I also took on all kinds of logistical tasks, like fleet management which made the deployment very diverse.

My personal highlight was the good cooperation with the URCS Transcarpathian branch and all their very motivated staff who put an incredible amount of heart and soul into their work every day.

Image showing Sylvester Bett, AutRC Regional WASH delegate with URCS volunteers and staff
Image showing Grace Kyagaba, URCS WASH Advisor, with a URCS staff member