The Canadian RC approached Austrian RC beginning of 2022 to support them with the restructuring of WASH hardware for the health ERUs. The Project started with a benchmark of WASH equipment in the movement and a needs analysis. At first, we only concentrated on the water side, but we soon added sanitation equipment as well. Canadian RC has deployed a variety of health ERU configuration in the past and plans to do that in the future. The equipment had to be versatile to cope with any environmental context of a deployment as well as be scalable to fit anything from a small health post up to a field hospital with isolation ward. The project went over the better half of this year. At the end of the project, we had identified and procured a new water supply system. Created 3 SOPs regarding the Sanitation, Water supply and deployment of equipment. Part of these SOPs were templates for an assessment tool, water safety plan, water testing documentation tool, list of testing equipment. To meet the demands of the different sizes of health ERUs we rearranged the packing lists, panicking the equipment into kits that can be scaled up from a basic equipment for a health centre to a full field hospital. We also looked at the interfaces to the new faecal sludge management FSM ERU. We made sure that the SFM ERU can service the health ERU.s Lastly, we opened a link for future cooperation between the Austrian and Canadian RC to train, exercise and deploy in the future.

The main focal point for this project was Florian Haas.