Skybird was implemented to achieve innovation and collaboration in WASH for improved living conditions in East African region with a focus on Ethiopia and Uganda.

The Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations at the Vienna University of Economics and Business is conducting the end-term Skybird programme evaluation to assess the achievements and to get inputs for the Skybird II Programme proposal development. Online quantitative data collection was conducted this month at ERCS and URCS, following the qualitative data collections conducted last month. Online survey questionnaires were prepared for ERCS and URCS Skybird micro project statt, ERCS and URCS senior staff and for WASH network members.

Skybird project coordinators and volunteers who actively participated in the Skybird I implementation filled out the quantitative online questionnaire prepared for Skybird micro project staff.

ERCS and URCS Senior Managements, Zonal Branch Heads, Division Heads, Branch Heads and PGI focal persons, filled out the survey prepared for senior staff.

All the Skybird newsletter subscribers are contacted to fill out the WASH network members online survey. 

The results are expected to inform the Skybird ll Programme proposal development.