First phase of the Skybird Programme has come to an end after five years of implementation and it is transitioning to Skybird II – another five years program. Regional Innovations, Knowledge Sharing and Closure Event for Skybird I was held on the 9th of November, 2023 in Entebbe, Uganda. Below are the key points presented during the event.

Overall Aim of the Skybird Programme

It is the overall aim of the Skybird Programme to contribute to improved living conditions in East Africa through increased innovation, strengthened capacities and partnerships of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement in WASH and related fields to enable more gender-sensitive and effective WASH service delivery.

Timeframe and Budget Overview​

Programme Period: 01.12.2018 – 30.11.2023​

Budget: 3,625,000 EUR​

  • 80% funded by the Austrian Development Agency​
  • 20% Austrian Red Cross and Swiss Red Cross

Geographical Scope

Outcome Areas​

  • Strengthened capacities to innovate for effective WASH interventions, approx. 200,000 people through Micro-Projects and 500 people through trainings​
  • Improved WASH coordination, approx. 2,900 people​
  • Enhanced engagement in public dialogue, approx. 6,000 people​
  • Increased gender-sensitivity, approx. 150 people

Improved Living Conditions through Micro-Project Approach

  • Community Engagement​
  • Foster Innovations and Collaborations​
  • Knowledge Sharing​
  • Visibility and Public Dialogue​
  • Branch Capacities Strengthening

Micro-Project Themes​

  • Gender, Diversity and Inclusion ​
  • Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihood​
  • Digitalization ​
  • Cash Transfer Programming and Market-Based Interventions ​
  • Urban WASH ​
  • Climate Change and Green Energy ​
  • Community Engagement and Accountability


  • National Society Development​
  • Project Management Skills​
  • Branch Development​
  • Protection, Gender and Inclusion​
  • Collaboration and Peer-to-Peer Exchange in WASH​
  • Community Engagement

Micro-Project Innovations

  • Solar Powered Technologies​
  • Pre-paid Meter System for Water Supply​
  • Off-set Pit Latrine​
  • Family Farming Approach​
  • Re-usable Pads Making​
  • Biogas at Public Latrine
  • EcoSan Latrine in School Setting​
  • WASH Businesses​
  • Women in WASH Businesses​
  • Enabling Rural Innovation Approach​
  • Multi-sectorial Interventions