Dear Skybird network member,
This is a kind reminder for you to fill in our quantitative survey regarding the evaluation of the Skybird Programme. If you have already completed the survey, kindly disregard this message.

Head to the survey

We greatly appreciate your insights which help us define the future of the Skybird WASH Network. Your answers will help us tailor this network more to your needs and make it clear for us where and how we can improve and how we can be of value to you. The results will also inform the Skybird ll Programme proposal development.

We are aware that it is always difficult to find time for surveys during busy days but we would be extremely grateful for your help. Please take 5 minutes to fill out this online questionnaire. Your answers will be completely confidential and anonymous.

Please note that the deadline for the survey is 31th of May 2023.

If you have more in-depth comments, suggestions or any information you’d like to share, please email

If you need additional information to fill out the survey or if you have questions, please email us at

Thank you for your collaboration!

The Skybird Programme Team

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