Uganda Red Cross Society

Location: Gulu City & 2 peri-urban sub-counties

Project Title: Improved Access to Affordable safe water to the community of Gulu City and 2 Peri-Urban sub-counties

Summary: During the cycle 1 micro project with a focus on sanitation and hygiene, it was noticed that water supply is an issue for many people in the area. Therefore the cycle 2 micro project focuses on the rehabilitation of 8 boreholes, the construction of 4 springs and 8 rainwater harvesting systems for the most vulnerable families. As O&M of the existing water supply schemes was an issue in the past, the project wants to work with the community and local authorities to establish a better system. Village pump mechanics will be trained in order to ensure sustainability of the systems even further. As women don’t have to walk long distances to find water, the intervention also protects them from GBV. At the newly established water points, the project will establish model vegetable gardens and encourage households to establish kitchen gardens, using waste water for irrigation, in order to improve the nutritional status of children under 5 and (lactating) mothers in particular.