Kenya Red Cross Society

Location: Baringo County

Project Title: Improving sanitation status of flood at-risk households

Summary: 43 % in Baringo county practice open defecation due to a lack of access too sanitation facilities which causes the county an economic loss of 538 mio KES (€ 4.3 Mio) annually. Many children are particularly vulnerable for WASH-related diseases as they are additionally affected by malnutrition stemming from food insecurity. The project particularly wants to work with schools and vulnerable people such as women, youth, persons with disabilities, i.a. to improve the situation around sanitation and livelihoods. Households will be encouraged to establish kitchen gardens to improve the nutritional status; pupils and teachers will learn about different technologies for sanitation and receive trainings with regards to hygiene practices; sanitation marketing activities shall connect local traders with the community, raise awareness and strengthen capacities around improved sanitation facilities.  

trict, Yirba 01 kebele

Project Title: Economic Empowerment of Women with Skills around WASH facilities, Food Security and Manufacturing (EEWSWFM)

Summary: The project area is faced with severe water scarcity with a 300 m3 reservoir which is recharged once a week as the only available source for water. With regards to sanitation, only around 15 % of the population have access to improved latrines and the lack of access to sanitation products only exacerbates the situation. Therefore, the project wants to establish a public latrine and shower area with an adjacent one-stop shop for affordable sanitation products which may partly also be produced at the site. The population also faces a threat from food security which is why the project will also promote vertical farming at the site for the visitors to learn about this farming technique.