Micro Projects Map Uganda 2022

Iganga Branch

Location: Magada and Bulange sub-counties in Namutumba district

Project title: Menstrual Hygiene Management in Bulange and Magada sub-counties Namutumba district

Summary: To counteract girl pupils missing up to 24 school days every year during menstruation, this project targets 4 schools and provide in-kind contributions of menstrual hygiene items as well as sensitization to the topic of girls, female teachers as well as male pupils. The saving clubs established under the cycle 1 micro project will be trained in the production of reusable menstrual hygiene items and soap to be sold at a reasonable price. Besides the construction of a special, private restroom for girls, rain water harvesting facilities will be constructed to ensure water supply for menstruating pupils.

Project Updates:

Skybird on Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022: Tanzania RC and Uganda RC Showing Commitment